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November 2015

Car Chases

In The Magus Covenant, Jotham Fletcher is involved in at least two dramatic car chases, not to mention other characters such as Nathan and Antonella who also engage in some wild driving. Continue reading “Car Chases”

Who was Simon Magus?

Simon Magus is a character mentioned in the New Testament, who was reviled by early members of the Christian church. This strange figure from two thousand years ago plays an important part in my thrillers, The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series. Continue reading “Who was Simon Magus?”

The Stockholm Archipelago

It takes two hours to pass through the Archipelago as you sail into Stockholm Harbour in the warmth of summer. That’s the way I first saw it on board  a  cruise ship, and it was a wonderful experience. Continue reading “The Stockholm Archipelago”

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