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December 2016

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Update – Susan M. Toy, Marcia Meara and Toni Pike

So honoured to be a featured writer on Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore this week – along with wonderful writers Marcia Meara and Susan M. Troy. Don’t miss their books for those last-minute Christmas gifts this week.



Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Many of us have reached a crisis point in our lives and run for the hills. We seek somewhere to lick our wounds away from those who know us and also hope that we can break the cycle in new surroundings and with new friends. However, what rarely changes is our basic nature, and in the case of Mariana her warm and caring approach to people is the cause of more challenges in her life. I also know, having lived as an expat in several countries, that appearances can be deceptive and it takes time and understanding of the ‘local’ culture to be accepted.Mariana wants to be involved in the lives and activities of those she meets whilst still enjoying her hideaway on the island of Bequia. Her attempts are not always successful and speaking her mind does not help the situation. But she is a passionate woman and is…

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Blame our Ancestors for our Weight Gain

Have you ever wondered why you gain weight so easily, and why your body stores fat so easily? It isn’t just your fault or the fault of your parents. And it isn’t just because you have a sweet tooth or eat too much each day. Continue reading “Blame our Ancestors for our Weight Gain”

Why Authors Need a Business Card

Business cards can be an important weapon in the arsenal of any writer wanting to promote their work. Many thanks to Chris from the Story Reading Ape Blog for publishing my article about business cards for authors. Continue reading “Why Authors Need a Business Card”

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