Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series – now in paperback

I’m delighted to announce that the first three books in The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series are now available in paperback. The ebooks were released first, and are also available in Kindle Unlimited. I’m pleased that readers who prefer print books will now be able to enjoy THE MAGUS COVENANT, THE ROCK OF MAGUS and THE MAGUS EPIPHANY.  The paperback version of Book 4, HOLY SPEAR OF MAGUS, will be released soon. Continue reading


Happy Travels 101 – now available in paperback

I’m excited to announce that a paperback version of Happy Travels 101 has just been released and is now available at Amazon. Subtitled, Don’t leave home without these cruise, flight, safety, packing and sightseeing tips, this short read is filled with great advice for anyone who wants to travel overseas.

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