A new feature on Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP has introduced a new feature which could have far-reaching implications.

Writers, open your Amazon KDP account and look at your bookshelf. Hover your mouse over where it says “LIVE” for each book. The new availability list will appear.

You may see that it says “Limited Availability” for Amazon US and UK. Click to see the full list of countries, and you may find that quite a few countries are listed as “not available.” People in those countries will not be able to buy your Kindle book on Amazon USA (or Amazon UK if you’re looking at that list).

In my KDP bookshelf now, most European countries are being blocked from accessing my books on Amazon UK. That is not good news for all those British people living in Europe who enjoy shopping there.

Most writers use Amazon UK as one of the main links when they advertise their books. Now, anyone in Europe who presses that link will find that it says “unavailable” – or they won’t find the Kindle book at all.

Check your own availability list to see what restrictions have been placed on your Kindle books. You may wish to approach Amazon about it.

Amazon probably intends to introduce even more restrictions in the future, in a misguided attempt to force buyers to use local stores.

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