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I’m delighted to share with you three of my favourite five-star reviews for THE ROCK OF MAGUS, Book 2 in The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series. All four books in the series are now also available in a Box Set, as well as individual novels.


A crisis is brewing in the Vatican – and only one man can prevent disaster…

Jotham Fletcher returns in a race against time that takes him deep inside the Vatican. Cardinal Alpheus has ambitions far more sinister and explosive than anyone could imagine, and the death of Pope Linus is only the beginning.

Jotham is now a billionaire, dedicated to finding the Simonian Sect and he employs Madena, a former army officer, to help him. They rescue a televangelist in Seattle but find the photograph of a man who is soon elected as the new Pope, with Alpheus as his chief advisor.

The deadly Brotherhood re-emerges with Father Dominic at the helm. Jotham becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a cleric in Spain and the unwitting hero after a devastating event in Rome. He has a secret that he dare not reveal and is on the run from the police once again. But nothing prepares him for the final confrontation at the Pope’s summer retreat.

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Three Reviews

5 Stars – A suspenseful sequel – Terri Webster Schrandt – Amazon

If you enjoy religious conspiracy thrillers, you will love Pike’s exciting, fast-paced adventure that takes readers to Rome and into the Vatican.

Similar to Dan Brown’s main character, Robert Langdon in The DaVinci Code, Pike’s central character, Jotham Fletcher, also possesses unequalled expertise in a particular subject, in this case, the shadowy, religious figure Simon Magus. I find it fascinating that Pike built her series around this little-known historical figure, a magician and cult leader at the time of the Apostles. Magus is mentioned in the Bible in Acts 8:9-24 as he tries to “buy” the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but was rebuked by the Apostles as a sorcerer and wicked charlatan. The heart of Pike’s adventure lies in this fictional, 21st century Simonian Sect, whose cult followers are nothing short of fanatical, according to her series.

Pike sets the scene for suspense, thrills and twists that leads readers to believe that Fletcher may not solve this mystery, as insurmountable odds stack against him and his female partner. I found the book to be a nail-biter and a page-turner!

The characters are believable, with Fletcher expressing doubt at one point, but using his shaky confidence to navigate the labyrinthine Vatican grounds as he and Madena attempt to solve the mystery. Pike’s research is extensive and written from the perspective of having visited Rome. I personally love it when authors write from their intimate knowledge of a subject and from the locations they have been.
I highly recommend this adventure series and am looking forward to book #3, The Magus Epiphany.

5 Stars – The Conspiracy Develops – Martin – Amazon Australia

The Rock of Magus continues the story of religious conspiracy in the very heart of the Catholic Church, further developing the story that began in The Magus Covenant. The new book has the same elements as the first — a likeable principal character, great action scenes, many geographical locations, love interest, and of course, conspiracy.
While continuing and developing the story, The Rock of Magus has a slightly different style to the first book. The fewer action sequences still satisfy the reader’s inner Mark Damon, but the plot becomes more nuanced, more complex, and climbs higher up the Church’s hierarchy.
Given that the second book continues from the first, it is best to read both in sequence, although it is easy for a reader who has not read the first book to pick up the plot.
This book is exactly what the front cover says — a religious conspiracy thriller. It is an exciting read.

5 Stars – The Rock of Magus is another winner for Toni Pike – Amazon Customer

The Rock of Magus is another winner for Toni Pike. After reading the first book The Magus Covenant I was hooked. Toni’s writing is easy to read yet keeps your interest from page one. Her second book The Rock of Magus did not disappoint and because I love Italy, I loved the setting of the book in the Vatican City. I enjoyed the fact that Toni has kept her main character and was able to write another adventure for Jotham Fletcher which kept me intrigued until the last page. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Toni Pike, a multi-genre author who loves writing thrillers for adults, non-fiction, and hilarious books for children.

I’m the author of DESOLATION BLUFF, DEAD DRY HEART and The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series: THE MAGUS COVENANT, THE ROCK OF MAGUS, THE MAGUS EPIPHANY and HOLY SPEAR OF MAGUS. My latest release is for children aged 6-9: BRODY CODY AND THE STEPMOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE.

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