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“The Rock of Magus” now reduced

NOW REDUCED TO JUST 99c  or  99p   – Book 2 in The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series.

A Religious Conspiracy Thriller – Code Red in the Vatican

ONE MAN BATTLES A CONSPIRACY IN THE HEART OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Continue reading ““The Rock of Magus” now reduced”

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Would you like to hear about my future book releases?

Please send me your email if you would like to be kept informed about my future book releases and any other news. Your details will be kept in the strictest confidence.

I do look forward to hearing from you.

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I’d love to read your review

If you’ve read THE MAGUS COVENANT or THE ROCK OF MAGUS, it would be wonderful if you could leave a brief review on Amazon. I’d love to hear what you think, and Amazon improves the “visibility” of a book when there are more reviews (no matter the star rating).

When you look up the book on Amazon, scroll down to “Customer Reviews” and press the little button that says: “Write a customer review.”

Thank you so much.

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Launch of my Facebook Page: Toni Pike – Author

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my Facebook Page. The Author App on the left hand side is a great way to get in touch and access my books.

Here is the link, and I’d be delighted to hear if you like it.

Facebook: Toni Pike – Author


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You need mini-goals to write your novel

Many thanks to Chris from The Story Reading Ape Blog for posting my article about having mini-goals. Here is the link to that article:

You Need Mini-Goals to Write Your Novel – Guest Post…

Read Chapter One of THE MAGUS COVENANT

Here is the first chapter of The Magus Covenant – Book 1 in The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series. It is available at most major online book outlets. Book 2, The Rock of Magus, has already been released.


Chapter 1

Every year they commemorated the grisly death. The Leader had made the annual pilgrimage for two thousand years.

The service was always conducted in secret, at midnight on the same date in the last month of autumn.

The two men sneaked into the church of Santa Francesca Romana, beside the Roman Forum, and climbed to the top of the campanile, the belltower that was built in the thirteenth century. It was added to a tenth century church that was built on top of an earlier chapel and, before that, a Roman temple. A great city never stays the same and now the building was dedicated to Saint Frances of Rome. Continue reading “Read Chapter One of THE MAGUS COVENANT”

The Health Benefits of Reading Fiction

Reading fiction is great for your health. On 6th September 2016, I was thrilled to have  an article published on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog. Here is a link to that article:

The Health Benefits of Reading Fiction




The Mood of a Novel

We all know what it means when someone says that they are in a good or bad mood. Every one of us has a range of moods, that cover the spectrum from deliriously happy to gloomy or sad, and that is a sure sign of our humanity. Continue reading “The Mood of a Novel”

Reviews of The Magus Covenant

Here are some excerpts from reviews of The Magus Covenant – Book 1 in The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series.

“Exciting new series that leaves you wanting more immediately!” – Review on Amazon Continue reading “Reviews of The Magus Covenant”

Reviews of The Rock of Magus

Here are some excerpts from reviews of The Rock of Magus – Book 2 in The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series.

“If you have read Toni Pike’s first Jotham Fletcher adventure The Magus Covenant and really enjoyed the read like I did, you are going to like book two The Rock of Magus even more.” Continue reading “Reviews of The Rock of Magus”

One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

Continue reading “One Lovely Blog Award Nomination”

3 Steps to Achieving Your Dream

On 31 December 2105, I was delighted to be a guest on the Sizzling Towards Sixty website, talking about three steps to achieving your dream. Mine was to become an author, and it was just after I published my first novel. I would love to hear what you think. Here is the link to that article:

3 Steps to Achieving Your Dream

Continue reading “3 Steps to Achieving Your Dream”

Author Spotlight on Writer’s Treasure Chest

I was fortunate enough to be featured in an interview on  Writer’s Treasure Chest.

Here is a link to that article:

Author Spotlight – Toni Pike

The Rock of Magus – featured on Smorgasbord Summer Reading

I felt very honoured to have The Rock of Magus included in the Smorgasbord Summer Reading series, presented by the wonderful Sally Cronin. Here is the link to that article:

Summer Reading Series

Guest Post on Sizzling Towards Sixty: How to Become an Author in Midlife

I was thrilled to be a guest on the inspirational Sizzling Towards Sixty website. Here is the link to that article:

Midlife Matters – How to Become an Author in Midlife

I’d love to hear what you think.

The Setting of a Novel

The setting of your novel is a critical element that needs careful consideration and planning. It is the backdrop to your story, and requires as much thought as you give to the characters and storyline. There are several aspects that you need to take into account, including the time period, the location, the mood to be evoked and the level of detail to be used in your descriptions. Continue reading “The Setting of a Novel”

The Rock of Magus – just released

A Religious Conspiracy Thriller – Code Red in the Vatican

I’m excited to announce that The Rock of Magus was released in late July. It is the second book in the Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series, and this time Jotham heads to the Vatican. There are plenty of twists and turns as he tries to foil the Simonian Sect and the Brotherhood with the help of his new partner. Continue reading “The Rock of Magus – just released”

Fiction Genres

Defining Genres

Fiction is normally divided into a range of categories that are referred to as genres. It will be the first way for readers and publishers to judge your novel, and every writer needs to select the genre of their own work. Despite that, many writers find it difficult to make that decision, even after completing the first draft. Many stories seem to fit into more than one category, making the choice even more difficult. This is a brief guideline to help you make that decision. Continue reading “Fiction Genres”

The Magus Covenant – now reduced to celebrate the release of the sequel

NOW REDUCED – I’m delighted to let you know that The Magus Covenant is now reduced to US $1 (or the equivalent) on all Amazon outlets and other online bookstores.

The 2nd Jotham Fletcher mystery has now been released: The Rock of MagusContinue reading “The Magus Covenant – now reduced to celebrate the release of the sequel”

The Role of Chapters

Chapters are a wonderful invention that help to compartmentalise a novel, breaking it up into sections that are easily read in one sitting. Continue reading “The Role of Chapters”

The Length of a Novel

Standard Word Counts

You are about to embark on a long and challenging journey and so far you have only stared at a blank sheet of paper or a computer screen in the search for inspiration. It might seem too early too worry about the length of your novel, but I consider that some forward planning is essential. You will know where you are headed and the size of the task you are about to undertake. Continue reading “The Length of a Novel”

Learn the difference between these words and you will never get them confused again.
Continue reading “Toni’s Writing Tips – complement & compliment”

The words there, their and they’re  are the source of endless confusion. Continue reading “Toni’s Writing Tips – their, there and they’re”

One of the most common mistakes in writing is the misuse of either its or it’s. Continue reading “Toni’s Writing Tips – its and it’s”

How to Write Dates – Guest Post…

I was delighted to have an article posted on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog – about How to Write Dates in fiction.


Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Feature Image_Calendar

Your mind is on fire as you type out your latest story at super-fast speed when, all of a sudden, you come to a halt. You want to include a date or a time period, and you’re not sure of the best way to express it.

Here are some easy guidelines to help you get started.


There are two simple ways to write a date but in fiction you should try to write the words out in full:

Thursday 9 June 2016 – with no comma and no “th”


Ninth of June

Always write dialogue the way your character would say it:

She’ll be here on April the tenth,” said Mary.


Write a single year in numerals:


For a range of years, you can write the numerals:

1998-99 or 2002-2006

But for fiction, you should try to write the phrase in full:

She died sometime…

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A Visit to Haddon Hall

In my first thriller The Magus Covenant, billionaire Iago Visser lives in a remote part of Derbyshire’s Peak District in a walled medieval manor house. In the second book of the series, recently released, hero Jotham Fletcher is now the owner. What better way, then, to feed my muse on a recent trip to England than to visit enchanting Haddon Hall? Continue reading “A Visit to Haddon Hall”

Review on the Pick of the Literate blog

A review of the Magus Covenant was recently posted on the Pick of the Literate blog. Here’s a link to that review:

Review of The Magus Covenant on the Pick of the Literate Blog

Continue reading “Review on the Pick of the Literate blog”

5 Star Book Review: The Magus Covenant

The Magus Covenant recently received a 5 star rating on Reviews by Karen.

Reviews By Karen

MagusThe Magus Covenant

Written by Toni Pike

Published by Chapman Reid Publications, 2015


Sold on Amazon 

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Father Jonathan Fletcher, an Anglican priest, travels to Italy to give a lecture about the thesis he wrote regarding Simon Magus.

On the eve of his lecture, an elderly leader of the church is found dead in the courtyard of the church where the lecture is to take place.  The exact spot where Simon Magus fell to his death during a demonstration of his “levitation” powers, about two thousand years prior.

As Father Fletcher is en route to his lecture, they come upon a scene of confusion and emergency vehicles.  The scene is at the church and his car is escorted by police to the court yard.  When he asks to see the deceased, he is shocked to…

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Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle is the largest neolithic stone circle in Europe. It is seventeen miles from Stonehenge in the beautiful Wiltshire Plain but in so many ways it far exceeds its more famous cousin as a source of inspiration and delight. Continue reading “Avebury Stone Circle”

How to Build a Story in 20 Easy Steps (Guest Post )

Chris from the Story Reading Ape Blog kindly posted my simple guide to building a story.

Here’s a link to that article:

How to Build a Story in 20 Easy Steps (Guest Post by Author Toni Pike)…

See all of Toni’s Writing Tips by clicking that category at the bottom of my website page.

Interview on Smorgasbord Open House

On 3 May 2016, I was thrilled and honoured to be interviewed by Sally Cronin as part of her new Sunday Show called Smorgasbord Open House. It will feature a series of authors, blog writers, poets, artists and musicians.

Here is the link to that article:



The Magus Covenant now listed in Booklife

The Magus Covenant is now listed on Booklife, a new Publisher’s Weekly website.

Many thanks for their support.

Here is the link to that listing:


The Magus Covenant now listed on Goodkindles

The Magus Covenant is now included on Goodkindles, a website that helps readers to discover the best ebooks. All books listed there must have at least ten Amazon reviews with an average rating of at least 4 stars.

Here is the link to that listing:

Author Interview on Beach Bound Books


I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Stacie from the BeachBoundBooks Blog. I think you’ll agree that The Magus Covenant would be ideal reading for a beach holiday.

Here is the link to that article:

The Moment of Clarity (Guest Post by #Author Toni Pike)

Chris from The Story Reading Ape Blog was kind enough to post my article about the moment we decide to achieve our dreams.


Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Light Bulb

The Moment of Clarity

The moment when we decide to achieve a dream

The moment of clarity is the most mysterious part of achieving a dream. It is that one lucid moment before you start to follow a plan and achieve a goal. No one can explain why, after years of longing and setting targets that were never met, everything changes. It is a magic moment when the fog in your mind lifts and your purpose becomes clear.

Just pretend for a moment that you want to go on a holiday. Not just a few days by the beach, but an overseas trip that you have been thinking about for a long time. There is a vague idea in your mind that you would love to see a certain part of the world.

When and why did you decide that you would love to see Scandinavia or Asia or…

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Adrenaline – A Simple Guide for Writers (Guest Post by Toni Pike)

Chris from The Story Reading Ape Blog was kind enough to post my article about the effects of adrenaline.

See all of Toni’s Writing Tips by clicking that category at the bottom of my website page.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

This is a simple guide to adrenaline and its effects on the human body. An adrenaline rush is often referred to as the flight or fight response. You, the writer, put your characters into the most incredible situations and then decide if they will confront the enemy or run away – or do something completely unexpected. But what really happens when a person confronts an assailant or has a panic attack?

Adrenaline is a hormone that is sometimes referred to as epinephrine, but only in American medical circles – and that word may be slowly dying out. Adrenaline is the word of choice in all popular media and around the world.

Your characters are likely to have more than one adrenaline rush on their way to the exciting climax in your story. It happens in response to trauma, shock or a sudden fright. The hormone bursts out of…

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Review of “The Magus Covenant”

Sarah from bytheletterbookreviews has posted a review of The Magus Covenant.  Here is the link to that review:

Continue reading “Review of “The Magus Covenant””

Eat Pizza the Roman Way

Pizza has become a favourite meal around the world, one that has been popular for decades. Australians love to go to an Italian restaurant with family and friends, choose several different varieties laden with all sorts of toppings and then share slices around the table. And they usually eat it with a knife and fork. Continue reading “Eat Pizza the Roman Way”

3 Steps to Achieving Your Dream

I was delighted when Sue Loncaric from Sizzling Towards Sixty invited me to write about achieving my dream of becoming an author.

Sue’s website is an inspiration for anyone who wants to reach their full potential and live their life to the full.

Here’s the link to that article:

Sizzling Towards Sixty – 3 steps to Achieving Your Dream

Continue reading “3 Steps to Achieving Your Dream”

Tarquinia – a brief guide

A hilltop town with Etruscan tombs near Rome

Tarquinia is an enchanting walled town with an Etruscan necropolis and impressive museum. For cruise passengers visiting Civitavecchia, it’s a delightful alternative to a day in Rome.

Transport is easy

From Civitavecchia: catch a local bus from the stop across the road from the San Francesco d’Assisi Cathedral in the town centre. Purchase bus tickets from the nearby kiosk before you board. The bus ride takes 30 minutes through pleasant countryside and passengers are dropped just outside the town wall at the entrance to the old town.

From Rome: catch a train to Tarquinia and then a local bus to the top of the hill. Continue reading “Tarquinia – a brief guide”

Guest Author on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog


On 18 December 2015, I was fortunate enough to be the Guest Author on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog. Here the link to that article:

Guest Author Toni Pike



How to write a book review

A very simple but effective guide

Kawanee's Korner

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Car Chases

In The Magus Covenant, Jotham Fletcher is involved in at least two dramatic car chases, not to mention other characters such as Nathan and Antonella who also engage in some wild driving.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 38, where Antonella Pavoni is at the wheel in her own Fiat 500:

Today she drove like Sebastian Vettel towards Ladispoli, sixty kilometres outside Rome. Weaving in and out of traffic, she tooted the horn, mounted the footpath when needed and drove as fast as her Fiat would allow. When she reached the main highway out of town, she pressed her foot flat on the accelerator. Continue reading “Car Chases”

Who was Simon Magus?

Simon Magus is a character mentioned in the New Testament, who was reviled by early members of the Christian church.

This strange figure from two thousand years ago plays a part in my recent thriller, The Magus Covenant. The Reverend Jotham Fletcher completes a doctoral thesis about Simon Magus and comes to Rome to give a talk at the church of Santa Francesca Romana. He discusses the man in this excerpt from Chapter 12:

“Before Philip the Deacon came to Samaria, Simon Magus was living there, doing magic and boasting that he was the Chosen One. All sorts of people were following him, even people in the upper echelons of society.

“Now let’s forward a number of years after the incident described in the Bible.

“During the reign of the Emperor Claudius, which was between AD 41-54, Simon Magus came to Rome with a group of his followers. By that stage, they were called the Simonian Sect and referred to him as a Holy God.

“Simon Magus wrote what he called the Great Pronouncement or, in Latin, Apophosis Megale. He claimed that angels made the world and that he was the saviour and power of God. He even started to do his own baptisms, claiming that it would bestow eternal life on his followers. Continue reading “Who was Simon Magus?”

The Stockholm Archipelago (excerpt from Chapter 54 of The Magus Covenant)

It takes two hours to pass through the Archipelago as you sail into Stockholm Harbour in the warmth of summer. That’s the way I first saw it on board  a  cruise ship, and it was a wonderful experience. Iago Visser describes it in this excerpt from Chapter 54 of The Magus Covenant:

There are thousands of islands over a vast area in the harbour of Stockholm. Every ship sailing into the harbour has to navigate their way through over several hours. The little islands are dotted with holiday homes, from little shacks to elegant mansions. The locals love to escape there and enjoy the outdoor life.” Continue reading “The Stockholm Archipelago (excerpt from Chapter 54 of The Magus Covenant)”

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