The One Way Diet

THE ONE WAY DIET is  a no-nonsense guide to losing weight and coping with the journey.

The One Way Diet

The pathway to weight loss

This is a weight loss guide to help you become the slender person you dream about, with simple advice on how to lose weight by focusing on your goals.

It includes:

  • Weight loss motivation and weight loss mindset
  • Healthy eating meal prep and healthy eating kitchen tools
  • Writing your own diet planner for weight loss
  • Being prepared for each stage of your weight loss journey
  • Avoiding a weight loss plateau

Losing weight is hard work but it is worth the effort. You have nothing to lose but your excess weight, and everything to gain. I call this THE ONE WAY DIET because, when I followed this method, my weight moved in only one direction until I lost thirty kilograms and reached my goal weight of sixty kilograms.

This is my personal experience but I’m not a medical professional. You should always consult your own doctor or medical professional before starting any weight loss program.

Now available as an eBook or Paperback at all Amazon outlets:  USA –  UK –  Australia –  Canada –  France  –  Germany –   Italy –  Netherlands   –  Spain  –   India

What people are saying

***** “This has helped me in many ways.” – Goodreads reviewer

***** “I’m just getting started on this venture but I know I can do it.” – Book Club reviewer

***** “I learned so much.” – Goodreads reviewer

***** “A very positive read.” – Book Club reviewer

Editorial Review

“This isn’t a magic bullet. It’s not about a new fad, or any old fad. It’s a lot of common sense backed up by facts and personal testimony, written in plain language.” – “It’s greatest asset is that it is written by a lady who doesn’t just talk the talk, but who has walked the walk.” – “It’s threaded with common sense, packed with practical examples and suggestions.”  – Review on Facebook Book Club 

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