Happy Travels 101

HAPPY TRAVELS 101 is a short book of tips and advice for anyone who wants to travel overseas. It is now available exclusively at Amazon in both eBook and Paperback formats.


Don’t leave home without these cruise, flight, safety, packing and sightseeing tips

Become a travel expert before you leave home.

In this short guide, there are hundreds of tips and travel hacks that will help to enhance your journey.

  • Find out how to select and make the most of your next cruise, how to cope with a long-haul flight and how to write a travel preparation checklist.
  • Discover how to explore any destination, the best tips for escorted tours and the best travel booking tips.
  • Don’t miss the recommendations on travel safety, senior travel and travel photography.
  • Get some inspiration from the travel packing guide.

There is so much to be seen all over the world: breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, towns steeped in history, fascinating cultures and modern marvels.

Here is your chance to master the art of successful globetrotting!

Don’t leave home without reading it.

Now available at all Amazon outlets:  USA –  UK  –  Australia –  Canada  –  France  –  Germany  –  Italy  – Netherlands  –   Spain

Further Reading – My Travel Articles

I love to travel and have seen some amazing places around the world that I’ve used as settings in my novels.  It is the perfect excuse to do some research!

Here is a list of some of my articles related to travel.

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Tarquinia – a brief guide – near Rome, Italy

The Stockholm Archipelago – Sweden

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Text and Image copyright © 2017 Toni Pike  – All Rights Reserved

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