Welcome to my guide to writing a novel.  Thank you so much for dropping by. My aim is to help you achieve your dream by providing some simple advice and basic principles.

You may hope to find a traditional publisher or become an independently published author, but the first step is to write that novel. That can takes months or years of hard work and a great deal of dedication. As with any trade or craft, an important part of that process is to gain the necessary knowledge and skills that will make you an expert.

I will add more articles from time to time, so do keep in touch.

Articles – How To Write A Novel:

The Length of a Novel

The Role of Chapters

Fiction Genres

The Setting of a Novel

The Mood of a Novel

The Theme of a Novel

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The The Health Benefits of Reading Fiction

 Toni Pike is the author of The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series: non-stop conspiracy thrillers filled with twists and turns.

Book 1 is The Magus Covenant

A conspiracy thriller with a long-forgotten sect, a deadly brotherhood, and a race across Europe in pursuit of a killer. The world as we know it is in peril unless one man can uncover the truth. A robed man falls to his death in Rome and Jotham Fletcher, there to give a lecture, becomes the prime suspect. His lover Antonella, an expert on ancient documents, has a shocking secret. Rumours fly about a papyrus scroll. A ruthless Catholic Brotherhood will stop at nothing in their hunt for the Simonian Sect. And a reclusive billionaire has the chance of a lifetime to get his revenge.

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Book 2 is The Rock of Magus

A conspiracy thriller with a sinister cardinal, a libertine sect, a homicidal priest and a race against time. A crisis is brewing in the Vatican and only one man can prevent disaster. Jotham Fletcher heads there in his hunt for the Simonian Sect and the deadly Brotherhood returns. Cardinal Alpheus has ambitions far more sinister than anyone could imagine and the death of Pope Linus is only the beginning. Jotham rescues a preacher in Seattle, becomes a murder suspect in Spain and a hero on the run after a devastating event in Rome. But nothing prepares him for the final confrontation in Castel Gandolfo.

Now available exclusively at Amazon – including Kindle Unlimited:

Amazon:   USA  – UK  –  Australia – Canada – France – Germany – ItalyNetherlandsSpain – and other Amazon outlets

Book 3 is The Magus Epiphany

Only one man can stop the revelation that will shatter the world. Jotham Fletcher returns in a deadly quest to save his own family and unravel the mystery behind two ancient relics, the murder of a young woman and a shocking series of messages about an epiphany.

Now available exclusively at Amazon – including Kindle Unlimited:

Amazon: USAUKAustraliaCanadaFranceGermanyItalyNetherlandsSpain – and other Amazon outlets

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