The Stockholm Archipelago

It takes two hours to pass through the Archipelago as you sail into Stockholm Harbour in the warmth of summer. That’s the way I first saw it on board  a  cruise ship, and it was a wonderful experience.

Iago Visser describes it in this excerpt from Chapter 54 of The Magus Covenant:

There are thousands of islands over a vast area in the harbour of Stockholm. Every ship sailing into the harbour has to navigate their way through over several hours. The little islands are dotted with holiday homes, from little shacks to elegant mansions. The locals love to escape there and enjoy the outdoor life.”

But Jotham Fletcher and Antonella Pavoni don’t have much chance to enjoy the view when they finally reach the Stockholm Archipelago. Nor do Capitano Bonocci and Lieutenant Rinaldi. A holiday is the last thing on everyone’s mind. The weather is freezing cold and the islands are shrouded in mist.

And the world is about to change forever.

P1020097.JPGMy own experience of sailing through the Stockholm Archipelago occurred several years ago on a comfortable cruise ship in late June. I was on the deck at dawn to see everything I could and was not disappointed. The climactic end to the journey was the first glimpse of Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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