Car Chases

In The Magus Covenant, Jotham Fletcher is involved in at least two dramatic car chases, not to mention other characters such as Nathan and Antonella who also engage in some wild driving.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 38, where Antonella Pavoni is at the wheel in her own Fiat 500:

Today she drove like Sebastian Vettel towards Ladispoli, sixty kilometres outside Rome. Weaving in and out of traffic, she tooted the horn, mounted the footpath when needed and drove as fast as her Fiat would allow. When she reached the main highway out of town, she pressed her foot flat on the accelerator.

Antonella tried to think of the English expression for what she was doing. She remembered it after a few minutes.

Flooring it. That was the word.

She was flooring it all the way to Ladispoli.

What do you think?

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Pike set out to write a thriller of epic proportions and she knocked it out of the park!

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