4 Tips about KDP Select for Beginners

I recently enrolled my books in KDP Select, which means they are now available exclusively on Amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited. Here are five quick tips I learned that you may find useful if you are new to KDP Select or are considering whether to enrol any of your titles.

1. How borrowing on Kindle Unlimited affects the ranking of your book

When someone buys a copy of your eBook on any Amazon outlet, it will jump in the bestseller rankings in any of its categories or sub-categories. This occurs a few hours after the sale and drops back again over time.

When someone borrows your eBook on Kindle Unlimited, it seems to have the same affect on the ranking as a sale. That is the only way of knowing about the download until that person begins to read it, which could be weeks or months later.

2. You are paid when pages are read

KENP stands for Kindle Edition Normalised Pages. If your eBook is downloaded by a customer with Kindle Unlimited, then you will be paid by the number of KENP’s that they read at some time in the future. The amount paid varies each month, but is currently about $0.0048 per page – and those payments are made once per month.

3. How to find the total page count of a book

Each of your eBooks will have a set total number of KENP’s – and it is probably not the same as the print length listed in the Amazon product page. To find out the total KENP, sign in to your KDP account, go the title in your bookshelf and press the promote and advertise button. You will see The Kindle Edition Normalised Page Count (KENPC) listed at the bottom of that page.

My book The Magus Covenant, for instance, has a KENPC of 451 pages.

4. Calculating the number of books read on Kindle Unlimited

When you open the Reports page in your KDP account, you will see a graph that shows you the number of sales and, below that, a graph of the total number of KENP’s read. Remember that these may not appear for weeks or months after a download. You can select different titles and outlets to get more details.

But to obtain more accurate information, press the Month-To-Date Unit Sales link. For each Amazon outlet, you can see a list of your titles and the total number of sales that month. To the right of that, you can see the Kindle Edition Normalised Pages Read.

You already know the total page count for each of your eBooks (the KENPC), so you can divide by that number to calculate the number of books read.For instance, if 10 people had read The Magus Covenant in the Amazon UK outlet, then there would be 4,510 Kindle Edition Normalised Pages Read. Some people may not finish the book, but this will give an estimate so that you can keep a tally.

Please let me know if you found these tips helpful.

Thank you for stopping by. You can find out more about my books here.

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