My 2019 Reading Challenge and Top Reads

Are you looking for a book to read? Here’s a wonderful list from Deb’s World – and I feel so honoured to be included in her reads for 2019. Debbie Harris is an amazing blogger who writes about her life in the most fascinating and warm-hearted way, so check out the rest of her blog while taking a look at this article.

Deb's World

Boxing Day is the perfect day to update my 2019 reading Challenge page

It’s a cold, wet and miserable day here in Somerset UK, for Boxing Day 2019, so I’ve decided to use the time wisely to update my Goodreads Reading Challenge and to list some of my favourite books for the year. Just the perfect job for a lazy pyjama day, after all the excitement of Christmas.

Every year over the past few years, I have taken the Goodreads Reading Challenge, a self imposed challenge, and kept track of the books I’ve read. It’s not that difficult to do and it means I can always refer back to books, and my ratings, from the time of reading. Some books blend into each other so I need to keep track, mainly for my own benefit.

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The page for my 2019 reading challenge can be…

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