August Book Reviews

I’m so thrilled to have Brody Cody and The Stepmother From Outer Space included in the amazing D.W. Peach’s August Book Reviews.
There is also exciting news as she will soon be launching her new book.

Myths of the Mirror

Only four this month! I’ve been slacking.

Actually, I’ve been super busy preparing for my launch and then dropping into bed at night, too tired to read.

This month, my offering of  4 and 5 star reviews includes fantasy, sci-fi, and a children’s book that my 7-year-old grandson reviewed. I hope you enjoy the browse.

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Coyote Summer by Laura Koerber

I really, really enjoyed this book. The story starts with a “boys will be boys” rape of a very drunk teenager at a party. The main character, Ben, doesn’t participate, but he also doesn’t take strong action. This story is about his loss of innocence as he grapples with his guilt and the disheartening cultural biases, including within his own family, that force the victim into silence and give the perpetrators a break.

The story, the attitudes, and the choices of…

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6 thoughts on “August Book Reviews

    1. Toni Pike Post author

      Thank you so much, Diana – you can tell him that I certainly am writing a 2nd book, and also how delighted I was with his fabulous review. Have a fabulous week, and thank you again for sharing it in on your website. Toni x

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