May Book Reviews

I’m walking on air and very honoured to have Linda’s Midlife Crisis included in D.W. Peach’s list of May Book Reviews. As always, she has read some amazing books.
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Myths of the Mirror

I read so many great books over my break that I decided to hold a couple book reviews until June. I have soooo many great reads for you to browse.

Below are reviews for this month’s 4 and 5-star reads including a historical fiction, a thriller, three romances, a cozy mystery, a horror short story collection, a MG horror novella, a women’s lit novel, and a debut poetry anthology.

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The Russian Concubine by Kate Furnivall

If you like Amy Tan, I think you’ll enjoy this beautiful, often gripping, often heart-wrenching, and tragically romantic historical fiction. The book opens toward the end of the Russian revolution and then shifts eight years into the future to an international settlement in China, another nation on the brink of communism. Lydia is sixteen, living with her Russian mother as refugees, and they’re barely scraping by.

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10 thoughts on “May Book Reviews

  1. petespringerauthor

    Congratulations, Toni! It’s an honor to receive a glowing recommendation from such an outstanding writer as Diana. Some reviews carry more weight simply because of the person writing them.

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