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June 2016

A Visit to Haddon Hall

In my first thriller The Magus Covenant, billionaire Iago Visser lives in a remote part of Derbyshire’s Peak District in a walled medieval manor house. In the second book of the series, recently released, hero Jotham Fletcher is now the owner. What better way, then, to feed my muse on a recent trip to England than to visit enchanting Haddon Hall? Continue reading “A Visit to Haddon Hall”

Review of THE MAGUS COVENANT on the Pick of the Literate blog

A review of the Magus Covenant was recently posted on the Pick of the Literate blog. Here’s a link to that review:

Review of The Magus Covenant on the Pick of the Literate Blog

Continue reading “Review of THE MAGUS COVENANT on the Pick of the Literate blog”


The Magus Covenant recently received a 5 star rating on Reviews by Karen.

You can read more here:


Reviews By Karen

MagusThe Magus Covenant

Written by Toni Pike

Published by Chapman Reid Publications, 2015


Sold on Amazon 

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Father Jonathan Fletcher, an Anglican priest, travels to Italy to give a lecture about the thesis he wrote regarding Simon Magus.

On the eve of his lecture, an elderly leader of the church is found dead in the courtyard of the church where the lecture is to take place.  The exact spot where Simon Magus fell to his death during a demonstration of his “levitation” powers, about two thousand years prior.

As Father Fletcher is en route to his lecture, they come upon a scene of confusion and emergency vehicles.  The scene is at the church and his car is escorted by police to the court yard.  When he asks to see the deceased, he is shocked to…

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Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle is the largest neolithic stone circle in Europe. It is seventeen miles from Stonehenge in the beautiful Wiltshire Plain but in so many ways it far exceeds its more famous cousin as a source of inspiration and delight. Continue reading “Avebury Stone Circle”

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