Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle is the largest neolithic stone circle in Europe. It is seventeen miles from Stonehenge in the beautiful Wiltshire Plain but in so many ways it far exceeds its more famous cousin as a source of inspiration and delight.


Entrance to the site is free, although there is a parking fee of £7 and admission charges to the manor house and two small museums. They are set in a delightful garden area where you can sit in uncrowded tranquility to enjoy a devonshire tea or a cup of coffee.


Join the sheep who live in the lush fields to wander freely around the larger circle (originally with more than one hundred stones) surrounding two smaller circles. On the outer perimeter is a henge consisting of a bank and ditch that you can also explore.

Right in the centre is the exquisite little village of Avebury that includes a small church. You can stop at the Red Lion Inn for lunch and  stroll around the quiet streets.


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2 thoughts on “Avebury Stone Circle

  1. sizzlesue15

    Oh you are tempting me Toni. I love that area of the UK and would love to revisit one day. Thank you for sharing your experience and also travel information as well.



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