Five-Star Reviews for BRODY CODY AND THE STEPMOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE #reviews #childrensbooks

I’m thrilled to share with you three five-star reviews for BRODY CODY AND THE STEPMOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE, a funny chapter book for children aged 6-9. It’s my first children’s book, and I’ve been so delighted with the response that it has received.

About The Book

Brody Cody is almost eight years old and definitely, absolutely, positively does NOT want a mother. His mother died when he was a baby but life with his dad is just perfect.

Brody is horrified when his father goes away to a publishing conference and returns with a wife, Pandora Smith, who is a children’s author. His life spirals out of control as he is forced to eat healthy food, do his homework and help with some chores.

Even worse, he and his friends suspect that his new stepmother might be an alien from outer space.

A hilarious adventure for children aged 6-9.

BRODY CODY AND THE STEPMOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE is now available on Amazon: USA  –  UK  –  Australia  –  Canada  –  France  –  Germany  –  Italy   –  Netherlands   –  Spain  –  India  –  Japan

Three Reviews

Darlene Foster – 5 Stars (Goodreads)

A delightful book about dealing with a new stepmother, with a twist. The kids will love it and so will those of us who think like kids! Brody Cody is convinced his new stepmother is an alien. I mean, she must be, as she bewitched his father and turned their perfect life upside down. Now he has to do homework and eat healthy food! Enjoy reading about how Brody plans to save him, his dad, and the world before it´s too late. A great early reader chapter book.

Terri Webster Schrandt – 5 Stars – Short, sweet, thoroughly enjoyable (Amazon)

Looking for something fun to read to kids during the Covid-19 Pandemic? My granddaughters live 600 miles from me, but that did not stop me from reading Toni Pike’s latest book written especially for children.
Pike writes a timeless tale about a boy named Brody and his single dad who live alone after the death of Brody’s mother. Counting on the naturally wild imagination of children, Pike weaves in a UFO event and the sudden announcement that dad has remarried. Stepmom is a famous children’s author who instantly loves Brody and cares for his needs. This leaves Brody and his friends suspicious as to how she suddenly entered his life.
Pike uses humor, the natural curiosity of children, and a little sci-fi to easily engage adults and children of all ages into this delightful story.

Karen Wolf – 5 Stars – Brilliant (Amazon)

Brody Cody  is brilliant!
It is a delightful tale
It is a fun book to read
It has excellent descriptions (which make you feel as if you are there)
It is enjoyable
It involves the children
It has an ending that will make you smile
It is a good book to read on the road
It is a good book to be read by extended family/guests to read to children to keep them entertained before dinner
It is lively.

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Toni Pike, a multi-genre author who loves writing thrillers for adults, non-fiction, and hilarious books for children.

I’m the author of DESOLATION BLUFF, DEAD DRY HEART and The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series: THE MAGUS COVENANT, THE ROCK OF MAGUS, THE MAGUS EPIPHANY and HOLY SPEAR OF MAGUS. My latest release is for children aged 6-9: BRODY CODY AND THE STEPMOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE.

I’m also the author of two non-fiction books. THE ONE WAY DIET is a no-nonsense guide to losing weight and HAPPY TRAVELS 101 is a short book of travel tips.

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