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My Elbow Fracture – Part 2 – the first two weeks after surgery #elbowfracturesurgery #elbowsurgery

In late November 2021, I tripped over in the street and broke my olecranon, the bone at the pointy tip of the elbow. In my previous article I talked about the surgery a couple of days later to have a plate, screws and wire inserted, and my overnight stay in the hospital. In this article I’d like to talk about my return home and problems faced in the first couple of weeks after surgery. I hope this might be of help to anyone else who might have a similar injury. However, in no way is this offered as any sort of medical advice. You must always follow the advice of your own doctor and other medical professionals. Continue reading

My Elbow Fracture – Part 1 – the accident and surgery #elbowfracturesurgery #elbowsurgery

2021 came to an unpleasant end for me when I tripped over a paving stone in the street and fractured my elbow. I had to have surgery and would be at least six weeks with my right arm in a sling and my arm not to be used at all. I thought I would write about my experience to help those who might have a similar injury. This is part one, about the accident and the surgery.

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