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Sally’s Cafe and bookstore Author Update – Toni Pike, Jaye Marie and Christy Birmingham

I’m very fortunate to have “100 Secrets to Love, Health and Wealth” featured in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Author Update today – along with two great writers, Jaye Marie and Christy Birmingham (a poet). Sally Cronin has the very popular “Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life” blog, and her “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore” is a great way to discover some new authors. I can’t thank Sally enough for her tireless support of other writers. Be sure to check out Sally’s books, including her new release, “What’s in a Name?”

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to the Friday Cafe and Bookstore update where authors on the shelves can share new releases, fantastic reviews and offers on their books. Whilst I do make every effort to check all the authors in the bookstore every few weeks, it is very helpful if you drop me a line to

Just a reminder about some of the benefits of being in the bookstore.

You can enjoy regular updates that puts your work in front of my 26,000+ contacts here and on social media. Most of whom are authors themselves, but more importantly readers of books. You also belong to a growing community of supportive writers who are happy to share across their own networks.

For example. The average Cafe Update receives on average 40 to 50 retweets over the course of a week. Most authors that follow me have between 5,000 – 15,000+ followers of…

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6 Ways to Recharge Your Writing Batteries – Guest Post by Toni Pike…

Many thanks to Chris Graham from The Story Reading Ape’s Blog for publishing my article about ways to restore your energy levels.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Do you feel as if you’re running on empty, distracted by the constant demands of social media or not finding the time you need to write your next novel? You might need to focus on recharging your writing batteries, and there are six easy ways to do just that. Try one or more of these techniques, and see if it makes a difference to your life.

  1. Unplug your screen

If you’re writing, blogging and using a computer at work, then you’re spending a great deal of time looking at a screen. Try taking a break and see what a difference it makes. Keep away for all your devices for just twenty-four hours, and then write down how you feel at the end of that day. Chances are that you’ll feel healthier and discover a fresh enjoyment in the world around you.

  1. Monotask

If you’re a blogger and writer, then you…

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Just Released: 100 Secrets to Love, Health and Wealth

I’m proud to announce that 100 Secrets to Love, Health and Wealth  is now available on Amazon, and will soon be released at other online outlets. Subtitled Line up your ducks and achieve your dreamsthis short book reveals my 100 secrets to help you to find a career and create a life that you love.

It is for anyone who would like to increase their wealth, improve their health and find that dream job. Learn how to live life to the full – and it will only take you a couple of hours to read! Continue reading “Just Released: 100 Secrets to Love, Health and Wealth”

Blame our Ancestors for our Weight Gain

Have you ever wondered why you gain weight so easily, and why your body stores fat so easily? It isn’t just your fault or the fault of your parents. And it isn’t just because you have a sweet tooth or eat too much each day. Continue reading “Blame our Ancestors for our Weight Gain”

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